Making the Break


My dog Phoebe, who always knows when I’m sad and is very snuggly.

Today is day 30 of slightly reduced anti-depressants.  I got some digital micro scales and cut 10% of the 150mg Effexor I had been on, measuring new doses of 135mg.

Day 1 didn’t bring any noticeable change.

Day 2 was horrible – dizziness, nausea, fear, dry mouth, fatigue, anxiety, hot ears, very wriggly feet in bed.

Days 3, 4 and 5 were much better.  The main symptoms were dizziness, hot ears and tiredness.

Over the month the severity of the symptoms has swung back and forward, so I never really know what a day will be like until I’m in it.  Mostly I can count on being exhausted, dizzy and prone to getting overwhelmed.

In the last few days I think I’m seeing an overall improvement.  I’m sleeping better (having only vivid dreams as opposed to nightmares), and the dizziness is milder.  I’m keeping a daily check-list of symptoms so I can monitor how I’m doing.

I think the 10% cut was too big for my already sensitised nervous system.  My plan is to let the symptoms settle a bit more then give myself a month of feeling rested.  Then I’ll make a much smaller cut, maybe 1%, and see how that goes.  Smaller but more frequent cuts are reported to be much gentler.

I feel life has taken me right back to the core of who I am, in order to set up a (hopefully) sound structure.  So each day I go slow, with the focus of treating me well and treating my family well.  That’s it really, nothing too complicated.  A bit like a child getting the basics right.  Later I can add other stuff in.


4 thoughts on “Making the Break

  1. Vicky fryett says:

    Love you. Very proud of who you are and what you are doing. X

  2. I adore that doggie!
    Your plans and goals each day sound sensible, gentle and self caring. Kudos!

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