Just Say No!


I knew, knew, knew they were bad.  I resisted them from age 16 (when my doc first offered them to me for depression) until age 32-ish.  I was desperate – I couldn’t make myself function properly, I was raging-angry, depressed, horrible to my husband and daughters.  A nightmare to live with.  And I had tried for so long, and I had tried everything I knew.  So I gave up and basically said “I know they’re bad, but I don’t care, I have to do something.”

Now days I just kick myself over that decision.  Now I can see that having better understandings of depression and healing, and practising tools like Emotional Freedom Technique, and creating deeper levels of self-kindness, and acknowledging my deep grief – that was what I actually needed.

Antidepressant drugs put me in a worse place than I’d ever been, are robbing me of much in my life right now, and will take me years to get off.  Learning that people who never take drugs always have the best long-term outcomes has galvanised me to become drug-free.

I will do it!  I have an unshakeable belief in my ability to heal – from drugs, depression – everything.  People are born with an innate strength, but we seem to lose sight of it.  It’s a matter of re-finding it, plugging into it, and creating a life that centers on that strength.



6 thoughts on “Just Say No!

  1. karina says:

    You go girl… i am right at the same spot. Withdraw from cymbalta.. i am done in 1.5 year.. slowly tapering. From 30 mg

    We will be free

    Karina from denmark

  2. I have trouble with anti-depressants. They seem very helpful for others, but I don’t tolerate them well at all. Maybe it’s the feeling of a chemical taking control.
    I try to lift my spirits, especially during the winter months, with brisk walks outdoors, and working at keeping my thoughts more positive. Also much harder in the winter months…
    Lovely photo!

    • Karen says:

      One of my daughters took the photo – it is lovely. Winter is harder. So good to hear you working at non-drug ways of keeping well. Wish I’d done that from the start.

  3. Rain says:

    Hi Karen, I found your blog here! It is so amazing! I need to take time to read them.

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