Gardening for the Stressed and Depressed

I love to garden, but last autumn I got so overwhelmed by it that I wrote this to re-find my GardenHeart.  Then I mooched my way through winter feeling great about the garden since all my expectations were gone.  Now it’s spring and I’m not even feeling the old spring-planting pressure.  In summer I will eat strawberries.  This garden loves me:  it gives lots of healing and asks nothing back.

Creating & Flowing in my Garden

Plant what I LOVE.

Miss a season or a crop.

Compost like mad!  It’s easy throwing food in the bin.

Smash the weeds with a big cane-knife, then toss those in too.

Multiply the herbs.

Bring goodness to the garden – sprinkle it on!

Don’t slog.

Welcome each season, maybe just with a nod and a smile.

Let it run to seed … Tidy it all up again, ooh lovely…

Get bushes which always look nice.

Rake and hoe in a lovely airy-fairy sort of way, while wearing a gorgeous hat.

Or, failing all that,

stay inside and watch something with Johnny Depp in it.