I’m a Kiwi girl living in Raglan, New Zealand.  Raglan’s on the west coast, and the west coast feels like my mother.  When I occasionally visit the east coast, it feels like a foreign country.


The west coast holds me. 

I like the wild here, and the wild knows me.

When I sit on the black sand, when there’s no one there, when it’s windy, when the waves are messy and big,

I could turn into a toi-toi.

In the curved hand of this coast and harbour I feel nestled in, safe.

Nestled in to the side of New Zealand,

Tucked away, down the bottom of the world,

Where I belong.


Also, I like eating, gardening, pruning, cooking, reading, writing.   

I love my two girls, and I love finding how to let them grow up free.

I’m 36 and I love being every age I get to.  I still love my birthdays, and cakes and presents. 

I’m married and I’m still in love with love my husband:-)

I can be quite contrary, and very determined.

I’m quite shy, and I take a long time to make friends.

I was always terrified of dogs, but now I have my own, a big mongrel-mix, and I love her.

I want to be well enough to help children who need help.




5 thoughts on “Me

  1. The Echo Umbrella says:

    I’m so glad you found me… so that I could find you. Reading your blog is like looking into a mirror. I know all survivors go through similar stages of grief, hope, anger, bemusement and suffering in order to heal but sometimes it doesn’t FEEL like anyone else knows what you’re going through… even though logically you know they must.

    Thank you for sharing your story. I’m sorry that it’s yours to tell in the first place but I appreciate knowing of your struggles… for somehow it seems to help me with mine.

  2. The Echo Umbrella says:

    I hope you are okay. I just wanted to let you know that I am thinking about you and wishing you happy thoughts. 🙂

    • Karen says:

      Hi, that is lovely – thank you. Feeling pretty down, and haven’t felt up to posting, but am coping. It means a lot to me, to read your message.

      • The Echo Umbrella says:

        I’m sorry you’ve been down. I wish I could snap my fingers and send all your troubles away… at least for a day. Once I figure out how to do it I’ll let you know first thing, I promise. 🙂

      • Karen says:

        Oh cool, thanks!!

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