Our family farm, where I grew up.

Our family farm, where I grew up.

After months of tapering I think I’ve finally found a rate my brain and nervous-system can handle:  0.4% per week.  Which is actually ridiculous.  But I’ve got my head around it because it means I can keep the withdrawal symptoms to an absolute minimum, and enjoy much more life with my girls and husband.  And that’s more important than tapering fast.  I’m hoping to make four weeks of decreases, then stabilise for a month, and so on.  That means about eight years, if I can maintain that rate.

So this has been my life lately – practising tuning into myself and what my body is telling me.  And I really like growing that ability.

I’m finding yoga very releasing – I usually cry (quietly!) at some stage during the class.  That feels good too.  I’ve had to give up dance cause it was way too activating – I’d end up with a headache and days of ramped-up symptoms.  I’m still eating healthy – lots of soaked, raw muesli, lots of salmon (for brain healing), lots of eggs, raw milk, meat, yoghurt.  Increasing salad-greens slowly as spring moves along.

And my body has adapted in a really helpful way – I can’t stand the thought of coffee anymore, or sweet food.  Even a nibble of dark chocolate seems almost too much.  It’s great the way our bodies kick in to help us be healthier.

I think I will be okay.